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Resident Retention Strategies for Multifamily Communities

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Tenant retention is a critical aspect of the multifamily apartment industry, as it helps maintain stable occupancy rates and minimize costs associated with turnover and vacancy. By retaining existing tenants, property management companies can improve the overall performance of their properties and create a positive reputation in their community. In this post we will touch on a few key aspects of tenant retention, with a focus on technology and contactless leasing options.

  1. Exceptional Customer Service Providing exceptional customer service is a key factor in retaining tenants in multifamily apartment communities. Property management companies should ensure that their staff is trained to provide prompt and professional service to tenants, and that they are always available to address tenants' concerns and needs.

Having a dedicated customer service team is also important, as it provides tenants with a single point of contact for all of their questions and concerns. Online portals and mobile apps can allow tenants to easily pay rent, request maintenance, and access important information, they will also improve customer experience and make life easier for tenants. Leasing Chat can help assist with all of these services.

  1. Amenities and Community Features Amenities and community features play a significant role in retaining tenants in multifamily apartment communities. Properties that offer more amenities, and maintain their amenities, have been proven to maintain their tenants as well. Swimming pools, fitness centers, community gardens, resident lounges, and shared work spaces can all help create a sense of community and provide tenants with a comfortable and enjoyable living experience.

In addition to physical amenities, property management companies can also provide social activities, such as community events and outings, to help build a sense of community and foster relationships between tenants.

  1. Maintenance and Upgrades Maintenance and upgrades are crucial for maintaining the quality of a property and keeping tenants satisfied. Property management companies should ensure that all maintenance requests are handled promptly and professionally, and that regular inspections and upgrades are performed to keep the property in good condition. (Leasing Chat offers maintenance request handling services.)

  2. Rent Flexibility and Concessions Offering rent flexibility and concessions, like rent discounts or flexible lease options, can be a useful tool for retaining tenants in multifamily apartment communities. Consider offering a rent discount in exchange for a longer lease commitment, this has provent to help encourage tenants to renew their leases and stay in the property for a longer period of time.

  3. Personal Touch Adding a personal touch to the tenant experience can help build relationships and improve tenant satisfaction. This can include small gestures like remembering tenant birthdays, sending personalized notes or cards, hosting community events that allow tenants to get to know each other, and just being friendly and mindful of who is living in your communities.

  4. Communication Effective communication is key to retaining tenant. Property management companies should keep tenants informed about important information at all times, and have easy channels of communication so tenants can get updates or have concerns addressed. Upcoming maintenance or upgrades, and community news and events, are big areas where community managers can score points with their tenants.

Having an open-door policy and encouraging tenant feedback is also important, as it allows tenants to voice their opinions and suggestions, and gives property management companies an opportunity to address their concerns and make improvements. (Leasing Chat offers tenant support services.)

  1. Technology Technology can also be a useful tool for retaining tenants. For example, mobile apps and online portals can make life easier for tenants by allowing them to pay rent, request maintenance, and access important information from their smartphones or tablets.(Leasing Chat can help with all of these services!)


Tenant retention requires a multi-faceted approach but ultimately all those appoaches have a common goal. By offering exceptional customer service, a range of amenities and community features, regular maintenance and upgrades, flexible rent options, a personal touch, effective communication, and technology, multifamily owners will create HAPPY TENANTS who will want to stay longer and contribute to the success of the community.

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