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Leasing Chat for Yardi Chat IQ

Leasing Chat for Yardi Chat IQ

Yardi Chat IQ is an ‘AI’ powered chatbot provided as an add-on to Yardi’s Rentcafe packages. It’s a live chat system powered by Olark chat, and integrated into the Yardi backend dashboard. It’s designed to show up at the bottom of property websites alongside the other ‘concierge’ buttons. Yardi Chat IQ was introduced in 2020 and has experienced some minor changes in that time, but Yardi is also working on a newer AI based system that also offers a chat component, called Yardi Virtuoso.

Yardi Virtuoso and Leasing Chat

Leasing Chat for Yardi Virtuoso

Yardi Virtuoso is the AI powered suite of services sold by Yardi as a bundle. It’s made of up for their latest CRM offering, as well as their latest Chat system offering. According to Yardi it “delivers automation technology across a variety of applications to expedite workflows, increase efficiency and augment teams for improved performance and better net operating income." This essentially means it is an updated set of tools to help Yardi customers better automate tasks within Yardi Voyager, and communicate with customers.

Betterbot Chatbot - A Review

Leasing Chat vs Betterbot

The purpose of this blog post is to compare, from both a high level and a detailed level, the differences between a service like Betterbot, and a service like Leasing Chat. The takeaways from this article won’t all be specific to Betterbot, they can also be applied to other AI based chatbot technologies. This will also be applicable to chatbot considerations across other industries, but of course we will be focused on applications within the Multifamily Industry here.

Jumpstart Customer Experience in Multfamily with 5 Simple Technologies

Jumpstart Customer Experience in Multifamily with 5 Simple Technologies

The landscape of apartment leasing has undergone significant transformation to meet the evolving demands and desires of renters in their quest for the perfect apartment. Demonstrating certain characteristics in your leasing process can play a critical role in attracting and engaging new residents, as well as fostering lease renewals and overall resident satisfaction Potential tenants seek a comprehensive understanding of the entire community even before setting foot on the premises. They seek insights into the community layout, the exact apartments they might occupy, the precise location within the community, what the views look like, the interior features, the proximity to amenities, real-time pricing, and of course availability.

Yardi Virtuoso - An Introduction

Yardi Virtuoso AI Chat - Introduction

Yardi recently announced their Yardi Virtuoso line of products and a stand alone website outlining it’s features. Yardi Virtuoso looks to be an advanced, AI powered digital assistant that will support operations throught Yardi’s legacy products. Virtuoso is their new building block for the AI future. It likely isn’t fleshed out super well yet, and it hasn’t rolled out or been deployed in any large or meaningful way - but it shows that Yardi is putting development work into AI.

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