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Betterbot Chatbot - A Review

Leasing Chat vs Betterbot

The purpose of this blog post is to compare, from both a high level and a detailed level, the differences between a service like Betterbot, and a service like Leasing Chat. The takeaways from this article won’t all be specific to Betterbot, they can also be applied to other AI based chatbot technologies. This will also be applicable to chatbot considerations across other industries, but of course we will be focused on applications within the Multifamily Industry here.

3 Technologies Leasing Specialists can use to Improve Performance

Adding a Customized Live Chatpage to Multifamily Google & Social Pages

Intro to Customized Chat Pages One of the great features of our service is how we can integrate Chat Pages into the profiles, technologies, and social channels you already use. We believe in making communication simple and enjoyable for prospects, to put the best possible face on your Multifamily business. Keep in mind that this is just one of the many features and integration options we have available for our clients.

Multifamily Matters - Adapting and Thriving in the New Age of Multifamily

Adapting and Thriving in the New Age of Multifamily

Podcast Summary 001 - What follows is a summarization of a great episode of the Multifamily Matters podcast. This is Episode 283, “Transform or Be Left Behind - Adapting and Thriving in the New Age of Multifamily”, and is available at the link below. In this post we break down the discussions in the episode and extract key points and lessons so they can be applied to your Multifamily business.

99% Occupancy is Achievable, Here's How

99% Occupancy is Achievable, Here's How.

The key to customer service, and the driver of customer satisfaction and long term positive experiences. Empathy is the way your staff and your properties relate and engage with your prospects and residents. It’s the way you make your prospects feel important, and your residents feel valued and considered. Below, we will explore empathy in the context of online technologies, and their utilization by Multifamily communities.

Reducing Employee Turnover in Multfamily through PropTech

Reducing Employee Turnover in Multifamily through PropTech

The high turnover rate in Multifamily isn’t going away anytime soon, but some organizations do a much better job of mitigating it than others.

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