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Serving Upset Residents in Multifamily

Serving Angry Residents in Multifamily

When residents are upset it can be challenging for onsite staff. Difficulties arise for all sorts of reasons during the course of resident life and it is enevitable that property offices will need to handle upset, angry, and disgruntled residents from time to time.

Leasing Fraud and Its Impact in Multifamily

Lease Fraud in Multifamily

Owners, managers, and underwriters have been watching Lease fraud steadily rise across the multifamily industry for many years. Forbes estimates multifamily businesses are losing as much as $1000 per unit to fraud each year.

Lead Response Time Stats From 2022

Live Chat Lead Response Time Stats From 2022

In this post we are going to look at a variety of publish statistics from 2022 in relation to customer support response times and communication channels. The insights we draw will be obvious, but are summarized at the end of the post.

Common Failure Points for In House Leasing Agents

Common Failure Points for In House Leasing Agents

In this post we are highlighting some statements from current and previous Leasing Agents, commenting anonymously about their roles, and what they like and dislike about them.

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