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3 Technologies Leasing Specialists can use to Improve Performance

Adding a Customized Live Chatpage to Multifamily Google & Social Pages

Intro to Customized Chat Pages One of the great features of our service is how we can integrate Chat Pages into the profiles, technologies, and social channels you already use. We believe in making communication simple and enjoyable for prospects, to put the best possible face on your Multifamily business. Keep in mind that this is just one of the many features and integration options we have available for our clients.

Billing Utilities to Increase NOI in Multifamily

Billing Utilities to Increase NOI in Multifamily

Multifamily rental housing as a whole showed a** 3.3% loss in year over year NOI per unit**, according to the National Apartment Association, in 2021. This marked the first downturn in over a decade, and shines a light on many areas that drive costs for multifamily properties.

Jumpstart Customer Experience in Multfamily with 5 Simple Technologies

Jumpstart Customer Experience in Multifamily with 5 Simple Technologies

The landscape of apartment leasing has undergone significant transformation to meet the evolving demands and desires of renters in their quest for the perfect apartment. Demonstrating certain characteristics in your leasing process can play a critical role in attracting and engaging new residents, as well as fostering lease renewals and overall resident satisfaction Potential tenants seek a comprehensive understanding of the entire community even before setting foot on the premises. They seek insights into the community layout, the exact apartments they might occupy, the precise location within the community, what the views look like, the interior features, the proximity to amenities, real-time pricing, and of course availability.

Filesharing for Multffamily Live Leasing Agents

Filesharing for Multifamily Live Leasing Agents

We aren’t just a Live Chat service, we are part of a complete and well designed online marketing program for Multifamily owners to better serve the needs of their customers. The more dedicated a community owner is to the experience of their prospective renters, the more effective we will be as a Leasing Agent support service. Here are 5 Essential Digital Files owners should have available at a moments notice to provide to a resident.

Podcasts for Multfamily Apartment Owners, Managers, and Experts

Podcasts for Multifamily Apartment Owners, Managers, and Experts

We’ve selected these podcasts because of their great content, informative hosts and guests, and because their content applies directly to the Multifamily industry and market as a whole.

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