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Building Long Term Connections with Residents

Building Long Term Connections with Residents

Building strong, long-term connections between residents and properties isn’t something that happens magically or overnight, but if given the proper attention, it can create lasting results. Fostering the growth of connections between residents and your team and brand takes time, intention, and consistency over a long duration. In this article we’ll explore a few key considerations when developing a strategy for lasting relationships with residents.

Find Good Tenants

It all starts at the beginning - and it isn’t always easy. Selecting tenants from a pool of qualified prospects isn’t always possible, but the more prospects you can bring in, the more options you will have to be selective.

The start of the process always involves a thorough review of the potential resident. Their employment history, rental background, credit score, and criminal record. Indications will arise during this process to determine how likely a prospect is to become a good tenant - (not just that they are ‘qualified’).

Set Expectations from Day 1

Make sure all on-site property staff are able to clearly communicate your expectations of tenants and the requirements of living in the community. Discuss policies, processes, and any specific rules - especially ones that may not be obvious and could surprise a new resident once they move in.

Also, always encourage tenants to approach the office with questions or comments, no matter how small. Giving residents a voice, and making them feel there are clear channels to communicate will provide more opportunities for on-site teams to delight residents and reinforce the quality of life at the property.

Clear & Regular Communication

Maintain open lines of communication. Provide tenants with your phone number and email address. Online live chat can be beneficial as well, for helping residents with small questions during the day. This can even start during the application process.

Follow-up. Have a process in place to check in with a resident at set periods after a question or issue has been shared. Make sure they feel they are being attended to, and help them understand that the property team are always there to support them.


Keep the property in excellent condition - not just acceptable condition - but in a condition that makes residents proud to call it home. Maintenance issues are often listed when a resident decides not to renew.

This will not just benefit the property, it will respond to maintenance requests promptly. Regularly perform preventative maintenance to avoid larger problems. Address issues that arise quickly and proactively. This includes responding to tenant requests and addressing property issues before they become major problems.


We talk about empathy all the time, and it’s the cornerstone of our communication style here at Leasing Chat.

Being empathetic doesn’t just mean cajoling a resident - it means putting yourself in their shoes, understanding their issues, and finding ways to accommodate them. It means being flexible where possible, and making sure interactions are supportive and positive.

Make an effort to get to know the tenants and their individual needs and preferences. Personalize your interactions when possible to help build relationships and trust.

Promptness Counts

When residents raise issues or concerns, respond promptly - instantly if possible. The longer a question or request sits unanswered, the more frustrated a resident can become. One of the common praises a long-term resident will sing, is how quickly issues were resolved, and how fast the staff were with communication. Being responsive shows that you care about your residents and will step in at any moment to attend to problems.

Understand Their Long-Term Plans

Ask tenants about their long-term goals. Knowing their plans can help you align your objectives and avoid potential conflicts. Remember, clear communication and proactive efforts go a long way in building lasting relationships!

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