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Live Website Chat has Huge Advantages for Multifamily

Live Website Chat has Huge Advantages for Multifamily

Live website chat isn’t anything new, but industries have struggled with the best ways to adopt and implement it. 70% of multifamily apartment complexes now use some form of live communication technology, an indication that there is a clear competitive need. However, the tools and implementation methods vary wildly. We have our own opinions (and facts) about the advantages that live chat agents can have as part of a leasing sales funnel, and below we will touch on just a few basics.

  1. Improved Lead Conversion: Live website chat allows leasing specialists to engage with prospective tenants in real-time, answer questions, and provide important information, properties, units, communities, and the application process. By making this data gathering process easier for your prospects, it results in more leads, and more prospects entering the leasing application sales funnel.

  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Live website chat has over and over demonstrated itself across all industries to improve the customer experience and satisfaction levels of customers. It does this by quickly addressing important questions for visitors, enabling them to easily decide if a product or service is right for them. In the case of apartment leasing, it allows prospects who aren’t a good fit to move on, and prospects who are a good fit to find out more about the the apartment and begin the qualification and application process. By streamlining and giving customers what they need when they need it, satisfaction levels instantly improve.

  3. Increased Accessibility: Live website chat can provide potential tenants with access to leasing specialists outside of normal business hours, allowing them to receive assistance and information at a time that is convenient for them. There are many prospective renters who are simply busy with work and their family during the times when leasing offices are typically open. One of the great advantages of Leasing Chat is we offer expert leasing services during your off-hours, allowing qualified prospects who may have difficulties getting in touch with your office during the day, to get the information they need about your units.

  4. Better Lead Qualification: Live website chat can provide leasing specialists with valuable insights into the needs and preferences of potential tenants, allowing them to better qualify leads and tailor their approach accordingly. We spend a lot of time training our leasing agents to be able to qualify prospects, and guide qualified prospects into the leasing process. How much time does your leasing office spend each month dealing with prospects who don’t even qualify to rent from you? We help pre-qualify prospects very early on, saving your staff time and resources, and improving the number of applications that result in a move-in.

  5. Increased Efficiency: Live website chat can simply repetitive tasks that your offices normally deal with, like answering frequently asked questions, and providing apartment and community details. But live chat also integrates well with a variety of CRM and Leasing Application software systems, which means that prospect and application data is always tracked, organized, and actionable. Freeing up your leasing agents to focus on higher-value tasks, such as following up with qualified leads and closing deals.


There are many many more advantages beyond what is outlined above. If this has peaked your interest and you would like to learn more about how live leasing chat agents can help your multifamily business, please get in touch. We’ll also be able to discuss some of the integration and additional services we offer, which lighten the load on your staff, increase options for your prospects, and improve the experience of your tenants. hidepagetitle: true

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