Why Live Chat?

Industry Standard

The New Multifamily Standard

Multifamily owners continue to integrate technology into their leasing sales strategies. Being able to quickly respond to the needs of interested prospects is critically important, and that's why 7 out of 10 Multifamily property owners are now using some type of live communication technology to support their leasing efforts.

Leasing Chat represents thousands of units all around the United States and our chat support team works 24/7 to provide prospects with the information they seek and keep your vacancies filled!


Customer's Preferred Support Channel

Live chat is the customer's preferred support channel. 73% of consumers say Live Chat is the most satisfactory form of communication with a business. Customers prefer Live Chat to all other contact channels (telephone, email).

By making Live Chat simple and robust for your customers you can capture more leads and fill more units.

  • Live chat is the #1 service choice for ages 18-49.
  • Live chat improves conversion rates.
  • 73% find live chat the most satisfactory form of communciation.
  • Live chat costs companies 15-33% less than phone support.
Solve Problems Faster

Live Chat increases first-contact resolution

Many simple queries can be resolved quickly by a live chat agent. Leave your front-desk staff free to deal with larger complex problems. Live chat excels at dealing with simple inquiries and booking tours, faster than can be achieved through other mediums.

91% of customers who engage in live chat say they found it helpful and would use it again (according to a Service Cloud survey).

Be Reliable

Online Software Builds Trust

By offering live chat, customers will feel you are more responsive, more available, and generally more interested in what they want. This improved customer experience reflects well on your property branding, increases prospect satisfaction, and makes it more likely a prospect will become a resident.

Extended Hours

Be Available Off-Hours

Live chat gives you the option of longer service hours, covering early mornings, evenings, and weekends when leasing offices are closed. Generate more leads by offering support around the schedule of your customers, not the schedule of your office. Don't miss leads due to a closed office!

Capture on Demand

Prospects Don't Wait

In today's fast paced world, customers don't wait for a response. Drift (a Chat Software Provider) has shown that a 5 minute response time cuts leads by 10x compared to a 1 minute response. Customers won't wait for you. That's why we guarantee a 30 second average response time.


Connect Directly to Online Application Systems

Send pre-screened prospects directly to your online application system and help guide them through the process. We provide support to prospects while they are applying so questions don't stop the process.

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